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Candy without the added pounds?? I'm in!!

If you saw my closet you would think that I am a beauty product hoarder.  Well, I'm not so much a hoarder, just a beauty product junkie.  Anything new that comes out on the market, I'm there.  My latest obsession is TIGI's new Bed Head Line - Candy Fixation.  Not only do these products work well, they smell so good all I want to do is eat them!  
Sugar Shock reminds me of the Pink Sugar perfume that sold like crazy when I used to work at Sephora years ago!  A fabulous product that adds body to the hair, without the tangles.  Use it for a tousled beachy look or sleek evening do.
Totally Baked pumps out like a fluffy cloud of meringue.  It's super light and creamy and adds life to your hair without the heavy feeling.
Some other products in the Candy Fixation line include a Sugar Root Dust Power, Marshmallow Hair Texturizer and a Glaze Haze Smoothing Serum.  


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